RAID Series Recap // Episode #8


Karen, Allison, Stacy and Dan recap their RAID Series experiences.  Honeymoons, injuries, tears, yelling at Mountains.  It’s all here.

On The Move Fitness // Episode #7


Welcome to episode 7, a conversation with Amber Roberge, owner of On The Move Fitness. On The Move Fitness is a fitness studio located in South Portland, Maine based around fun fitness options.  Their offerings range from group classes to nutrition classes.  In this conversation we talk about the history of the gym and go in to detail about what each of the classes are. On October 18, 19 and 20, there will be One Year Anniversary Festivities!! Check the Facebook page for all of the information about that.

Melting Point #6 – a conversation with John Beliveau


Welcome to Episode #6.  This episode is a bit of a follow up to our previous episode about the RAID series of races.  We were joined by the winner of the Portland and Boston Urban RAIDs, John Beliveau.  John gave us a little peak in to his background, which helped frame the discussion. But, he was also kind enough to let us in on some of his training secrets.  Though, it turns out, if you really want the inside scoop on that, you will have to spend a couple days with Gnome Landscaping.  John is an extraordinarily humble and modest guy, so please excuse us while we celebrate his 17 minute finishing time in Boston and his 20 minute finishing time in Portland.

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Melting Point #5 : RAID Events


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Welcome to Episode #5, a conversation with Parker Swenson about the RAID Series of races. These races are “the next generation of obstacle racing,” to quote their website. The races include obstacles that have been specifically built for each race, but also obstacles that naturally exist in each race’s geography, (parking garages, for example…)

There are three different RAIDs in the series, Urban, Beach and Mountain. The Urban RAID takes place in Portland, the Beach RAID in Old Orchard Beach and the Mountain RAID at Sunday River.

The first ever Boston RAID was just announced, as well. We talk about that race and its unique challenges and the interesting ways that they were handled.


MeltingPoint #4 Port Sports Social Club


Meet. Play. Glue. Give.

For this episode we got together with Morgan and Dave of Port Sports Social Club.  Port Sports is a social organization based around team sporting events and charitable giving.  Some of the games that are played during the sessions are “gym class” throwbacks, but most of the activities are more traditional games like Volleyball, Kickball and Ultimate.

You will be on the edge of your seat as we get Morgan and Dave to reveal everything about this awesome group.

MeltingPoint #3 : Seadogs Mother’s Day 5k


Mother’s Day.  It’s this Sunday.  Also this Sunday? The Portland Sea Dogs Mother’s Day 5k race.

So, in this episode we sat down with Portland Seadogs Executive Vice President and General Manager, Geoff Iacuessa to discuss the race.  Geoff has been with the Portland Sea Dogs since the race’s first year.  While we did discuss the course and the event’s growth from 300 to 3000 participants, we also discussed the organizations that benefit from the race, The Cancer Community Center and The Maine Cancer Foundation.

Registrations is still open !! REGISTER HERE!!

MeltingPoint #2 w/ Claton Conrad : Running


Hey there, welcome to the second episode of MeltingPoint.  This is a discussion that we had with Claton Conrad, aka “Clay.”  Clay has been a runner since he was 4 years old.  That’s not a typo, or hyperbole.  So, we sat down with him and attempted to find out what it’s like to be a runner at 4 years old.  We also talked about much more serious things, like marathon training, coaching, personal records, as well as how many pairs of sneakers he tears through each year.

MeltingPoint #1 w/ Lisa Bassett : Derby Lite


HEY!! Welcome to the very first episode of the MeltingPoint podcast!!

In this episode you will get a little introduction to your hosts and what this program is all about.  But, most importantly, you get to hear our guest Lisa “Olive Spankins” Bassett discuss Derby Lite.  We get in to a lot of other areas of athleticism and fitness, but you will almost certainly come away from this episode knowing all you would need to know about Derby Lite.  Also, definitely check out Maine Roller Derby!